Who We Are

  • Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House is a family breakfast hotspot
  • We focus on amazing breakfast and lunch options
  • Our specialty is our pancakes, waffles, and french toast
  • We strive to achieve quality food with quality service to build a consistent and growing clientele

Hours of Operation

  • Our Hours of Operation are 7AM-3PM and what this does is help,
  • Labour cost control
  • Overlapping of shifts
  • Gives us Executive hours
  • Offers Lifestyle management
  • Offers the business more attractable labour force

How we fulfill a gap in the marketplace:

  • Currently very few Pancake Houses in Ontario
  • Offer a wide variety of specialty pancakes, waffles, and french toast
  • Unique menu options
  • Restaurant design and concept

Our training and systems include:

  • Full training programs that are provided at corporate by franchisor
  • Training manuals and systems
  • Full menu system is provided which includes
    • Recipes
    • Preparation
    • Par Levels
    • Cleaning schedules
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